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There was a time when home elevators were only for the wealthy. But not any more! Having an elevator in your multi-level home can offer many benefits. It enhances the accessibility of your home, adds to its elegance and improves their resale value. Moreover, with hectic lifestyles and an increase in the aging population, residential elevators have become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Benefits for Senior Citizens and the Mobility Impaired


Climbing stairs can become excruciatingly tricky as one gets older and increase the risks of slips and falls.

Climbing stairs can become excruciatingly tricky as one gets older and increase the risks of slips and falls. Wheelchair users and people with mobility issues also face such difficulties. Loss of independence can also cause significant emotional stress as they could feel cut off from the activities that happen on other floors of the house. Elevators help resolve these problems by providing safe and comfortable access to all the floors which were previously inaccessible.

Benefit for People with a Hectic Lifestyle

Elevators at home is a great boon for people with a busy lifestyle. After a hectic day’s work, climbing up the stairs to your room can be unthinkable. Also, if you were leaving for work and forgot something in a room on the top floor, going up the stairs to get it would mean a loss of valuable time. A home elevator can resolve this issue. All you need to do is press a button to glide comfortably to the floor of your choice.

Move Goods and Groceries through Floors

Manually carrying your grocery from the basement to the upper floor of your home would lead to backaches and other problems. Many modern residential elevators come with good load capacity. They are built to transport groceries, laundry, furniture and other heavy articles from one floor to another.

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

Home elevators significantly increase the comfort and value of homes. Present-day elevators are aesthetically designed to blend into the décor of a home. They come with different options for cabin walls, floors, lighting, rails, and more. You can choose your options and ensure that your system makes your home look stylish and elegant. The surprise is all this can usually be achieved without too many structural changes. Modern devices from reputable manufacturers are designed to fit into existing or new homes with the least architectural modifications.

Increases the Value of Your Home

A residential elevator increases the resale value of a home. If you wish to move and sell off your house, you can be sure of getting a reasonable price if it has an elevator.

Purchase from a Responsible Elevator Company


A residential elevator increases the resale value of a home.

The benefits of a home elevator far exceed its costs. Homeowners, architects, and builders looking for quality residential elevators should ensure purchase from a responsible company. Partnering with a reputable supplier with an inventory of high-quality models would allow you to get quality products at the most competitive prices. Reputable dealers also provide special pricing for mobility equipment purchased out of medical necessity and offer their clients free guidance and site inspection. They also see to it that the equipment is set up to meet state and local guidelines and offer efficient and timely post-sales service to keep the home elevators they supply in top working condition.

Though we may have come across commercial elevators it is quite possible that not many of us would have made us residential elevators. They are miniature versions of large-sized elevators which we regularly use in offices and commercial buildings. They help in moving from the ground floor to the first or second floor within a home. They are now being commonly used and it certainly is very useful for homes where there are elders and physically challenged persons. They also go a long way in adding a special and new look to the home and there have been many instances where the value of homes have gone up by quite a few thousand dollars because of these elevators specially designed and made for homes. However with so many options being available, choosing the right one often could be a difficult and challenging task. Here are a few important points to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right elevator for your homes. We are sure it will help you to make a correct decision based on facts instead of just blindly following opinions.

Space And Size

In today’s world, space is certainly is a big constraint for many urban homes. Therefore, you need to be sure about the space which you will be able to allocate for these elevators. You must do a reasonably accurate calculation and be sure that you will be able to set apart space for the elevators. You must not compromise or sacrifice on space required for a good quality of living while planning such elevators. If you do not have too much space available then you must look into the possibility of building a small and compact elevator for your home. There are quite a few such options available and therefore choosing one should not be a much problem. You must do this early in the day so that you can plan the right elevator. If you have a big space available then you have quite a few things going your way. You can choose the best elevators and there are quite a few of them available in the market today.

Which Style Do You Want

You must decide whether you would like to go in for a modern or traditional elevator for your home. You must also decide whether you want a romantic one or something that is more classical in its looks. Whatever decision you must make sure that the elevator complements the entire home instead of competing with it. If you are building a home with a theme in mind, the onus lies on you to be sure that the elevator is in line with it rather than staying out which could make it very odd, to say the least.


Maintenance And Upkeep

Building and installing a home elevator is fine, but you must be sure that they can be maintained properly at all points of time. This is very important because without proper maintenance it is bound to suffer damages over a period of time.

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