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When you hear the term “Home Automation”, you might easily think that such a thing is only viable for people with modern looking houses and lots of money. What you might not realize is, as long as you have the major components for home automation and a little knowledge about wiring and computers, you can actually automate your home. Why should you consider automating your home and what benefits will you and your family gain from such a move?

security systems

This particular system actually gives you a centralized way to get your house organized and protected.

Home automation has gotten a bad rap from some people seeing it as a lazy man’s paradise, and you cannot actually blame some people for this outlook. Having your system make coffee, turn lights on and off as well as open and close windows without you lifting a finger may seem like something a lazy person may want. What some people do not know is that home automation goes beyond the automatic on and off of HVACs, lights and appliances. This particular system actually gives you a centralized way to get your house organized and protected. From timing your security systems to go on and off, to having lighting controls to simulate people being home when there is no one, to tell you that your fridge needs cleaning – all of these can be done with the use of a home automation system.

Of course, along with these comes the convenience of being able to program and automate certain tasks from one central command centre (usually your computer or a tablet). Not only will you be able to set timers for your appliances and home systems to turn on and off, but you can also set certain specifics for these. You can set your HVAC unit to turn on and remain at a certain temperature up to a specific hour and change temperatures or turn off once that hour is reached. You can also set lighting brightness, window shade angles and the like with this particular system. What a home automation system can actually do for you is more than just make things easier. It also helps save you time. Having your coffee ready for you in the morning, when you get up to go to work, is one less thing you have to make time for when you are in a rush.


Setting systems to turn on and off while you are not home can ward off prospective trespassers since such activity will make them think someone is home.

Another thing home automation gives you is added security and safety since you can monitor your home even when you are not there. Setting systems to turn on and off while you are not home can ward off prospective trespassers since such activity will make them think someone is home. In the end, having a home automation system installed in your home is generally beneficial to you and your family. You cannot even say that it is an added expense since having such a system is considered a good investment, not really just an expense. It can even save you from the possibility of theft and losses.

home builders

Landscape design and gardens escapes can make a site look beautiful and also serve as a functional habitat and sustainable engine for the environment. Addressing elements like climate modification, food production, water management, air quality, landscape materials, energy consumption, biodiversity, and wildlife management are all a part of the big picture for home builders crafting large sites that will have an impact on the local climate. Sustainable design is paramount for longevity and the local community.

The site

Sustainable building is all about installing native plants and crafting landscapes that are in line with the new ecology that is born when homes and other structures are created. This can encompass plant life irrigated by natural water resources like rain and runoff, food production, and sustainable management practices.

Food production

food production

Even small blocks of land can be re-purposed for food production in an overall landscape design. By planning and executing for food production, the ecological footprint of those residing in the new development can be minimized.


When a new structure is built, it effectively supplants the nutrient-rich soil that soaked in rainwater and played its part in dispersing that natural resource to other areas of the site. New buildings or homes can be designed to capture rainwater and redirect it to water natural or installed vegetation which can help to reduce the footprint the structure has on the site.

Landscape materials

Sustainable sourced landscape and construction materials can be used in building projects in a further effort to reduce the impact on the environment.


Sustainable landscapes traditionally have very small water and energy impacts on any given site. Despite this fact, these types of environmentally engineered sites still require maintenance. Existing gardens and sustainable designed environments can more efficiently use rainwater and other natural resources to contribute to a maintenance-free landscape.

Whether your home is a luxury property or a modest family home, adequate and effective lighting is one of the most important elements of your home. Good lighting is so important that many design experts feel that the rooms in your home should be designed with the lighting in mind, instead of simply adding the lighting afterwards. These lighting tips can make your home a lot more appealing and easy to use, whether preparing a meal or reading a book on the sofa.

Mix of Lighting

Lighting at different levels of the room and fixtures that can be used on their own or together help to make a flexible and effective lighting design.


Good lighting can create a pleasant ambience.

The Perfect Pair

A look of symmetry and balance can easily be achieved by the use of matching table lamps, perhaps on both ends of a console or on two side tables.

Sculptural Sconces

If you don’t have much floor space, sconces or wall lighting are a simple yet effective touch, and they can also be used to highlight a picture or ornament, and just to add some interest to a room.

Adding a Centerpiece

An unusual or dramatic light fixture can add the finishing touch to your living room, whether you prefer contemporary pendant lighting or a traditional chandelier. The atmosphere can be adjusted with a dimmer switch, and the centrepiece can be a great focal point or can be used to brighten the room. However, you may need several overhead light sources if the room is large or not well lit.


Centrepiece lamp brightens space and adds art.

Brighten the Mantel

A couple of small lamps or sconces can highlight your living room fireplace and is a great way to draw attention to beautiful architectural features. And a floor lamp can help to make that armchair in the corner an inviting place to simply sit and read.

Highlight Your Art

Accent lights, wall washers, track lighting and small picture lights on bookcases can all be used to highlight your pictures, ornaments and works of art.

Floor Lamp With Reach

A floor lamp that curves over your space will light up your room from above if you don’t have a ceiling fixture.

Whether you are looking for a luxury property or something more affordable, it’s easy to see why home buyers are drawn to the more relaxing lifestyle offered by properties on the coast of southern Australia. These tips from the Association of Building Consultants can help you find the right home.

Weather Extremes


Details to observe in finding the right home.

Resistance to corrosion and potentially strong winds are important to anyone building on the coast, meaning using the right materials is a must. Local councils may have wind loading requirements, affecting the structure of your roof and the size and type of the windows.


Of course, you want the great coastal views as well as the right orientation if using solar panels. But make sure your windows aren’t too large, as that can mean your home becomes too hot during the summer months.


You can expect a higher resale value if you build a coastal luxury property offering a great location with views to match. However, you need to offset the higher cost of using more expensive and longer lasting building materials.


Deep and wide eaves can provide shade during those hot summer months. Installing the right type of windows can help to create cross-breezes to save money on your energy bills.

Avoid Corrosion

Fire- Place

Use the right materials for your coastal home.

Corrosion is all too common from the salt in the sea air, and stainless steel used inside and outside can help to minimize the effects of the salt. Regular hosting of external surfaces will be necessary if those surfaces aren’t regularly exposed to rain. You will also need to regularly spray any fly screens to get rid of any sand and other debris.

Decking the Halls

The constant moisture present can affect your wooden deck. Consider a deck made from recycled materials which will still look good but won’t need nearly as much maintenance.

Get Approved

There may be particular requirements for and clearing or building, and it pays to check with the local fire service or council before commencing any building work.


You may be somewhat surprised at just how affordable and how much more accessible to deal with that a fully automated home can be today. You can control your home appliances in these homes from virtually anywhere you might be.

The fact of the matter is that at just the touch of a button, you will be able to keep a close eye on your property, switch your electrical appliances on and off, and of course control all the lights that are in the home.

Controlling The Light In Your Home


Make the best lighting in your home.

You can introduce automated lighting to the home in many different clever ways. You will find a variety of different systems of lighting that iDual has made available which allow you, with a simple remote control, to adjust the white colour temperature and the intensity of your lights. And if you are seeking to change the mood you are in, unique globes can be installed that will permit you to change the colour.

Lights, Sound, Camera

You can put in lights which do more than illuminate the home. Things like streaming music and putting in security cameras are two of the options available. You can stream camera footage to your tablet or smartphone by directly plugging into an existing floodlight fixture the Snap LED Camera from Sengled. There are also lights for space where you entertain outdoors which through a built-in speaker will stream music, and lights that by up to 30m will boost your Wi-Fi coverage.

Control Your Home Wirelessly


Using wireless controls on your home make things easier.

Just think how great it is to be able to switch on your heat before you get home. Directly from your tablet or your smartphone, you will be able to control electronic devices and home appliances with the Belkin WeMo range. Absolutely anything on your mobile device that has an internet connection, you will be permitted to turn on from air conditioning to kitchen lights. You will also be able to set it so that whenever you want you can turn certain appliances on and off.

Watch Everything


Real-time home monitoring

A great addition to both the workplace and the luxury property are security cameras and this technology is even more accessible with the latest variety of CCTV cameras from Swann. Besides being able to watch your home from anywhere, you will even be able to talk to your pets through a microphone which you activate. And the other great news is that whatever your budget may be, a security camera to fit it can be found!

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