You may be somewhat surprised at just how affordable and how much more accessible to deal with that a fully automated home can be today. You can control your home appliances in these homes from virtually anywhere you might be.

The fact of the matter is that at just the touch of a button, you will be able to keep a close eye on your property, switch your electrical appliances on and off, and of course control all the lights that are in the home.

Controlling The Light In Your Home


Make the best lighting in your home.

You can introduce automated lighting to the home in many different clever ways. You will find a variety of different systems of lighting that iDual has made available which allow you, with a simple remote control, to adjust the white colour temperature and the intensity of your lights. And if you are seeking to change the mood you are in, unique globes can be installed that will permit you to change the colour.

Lights, Sound, Camera

You can put in lights which do more than illuminate the home. Things like streaming music and putting in security cameras are two of the options available. You can stream camera footage to your tablet or smartphone by directly plugging into an existing floodlight fixture the Snap LED Camera from Sengled. There are also lights for space where you entertain outdoors which through a built-in speaker will stream music, and lights that by up to 30m will boost your Wi-Fi coverage.

Control Your Home Wirelessly


Using wireless controls on your home make things easier.

Just think how great it is to be able to switch on your heat before you get home. Directly from your tablet or your smartphone, you will be able to control electronic devices and home appliances with the Belkin WeMo range. Absolutely anything on your mobile device that has an internet connection, you will be permitted to turn on from air conditioning to kitchen lights. You will also be able to set it so that whenever you want you can turn certain appliances on and off.

Watch Everything


Real-time home monitoring

A great addition to both the workplace and the luxury property are security cameras and this technology is even more accessible with the latest variety of CCTV cameras from Swann. Besides being able to watch your home from anywhere, you will even be able to talk to your pets through a microphone which you activate. And the other great news is that whatever your budget may be, a security camera to fit it can be found!