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After a while, you might realize that your home needs to be updated and upgraded. Your house may seem old and it might no longer accommodate your growing needs. With that said, home renovation may provide you with a fresh and healthy start. Home renovation will allow you to upgrade your house so that it will be able to satisfy your needs and lifestyle, without spending a huge amount of money on relocation and other real estate fees. Once you decide to renovate your home, you also need to consider the possible environmental impact of the newly harvested and wasted building materials as well as the off-gassing of toxins that usually accompanies remodelling projects. Thankfully, there are practical ways to renovate your home without causing huge damage to the environment. Here are a few tips for an eco-friendly home renovation.

Home renovation will allow you to upgrade your house so that it will be able to satisfy your needs and lifestyle.

Deconstruct- Don’t Demolish:

If you are planning to renovate your house, you must first look around and consider what you can salvage and re-use. Remember that you must try to deconstruct what you can and avoid demolishing your house as much as possible. There is a huge chance that there are materials you can re-use, such as light fixtures, tiles, bricks, cabinets, mouldings, and flooring. This will not only be a very cost-effective method, but it will also be very beneficial for the environment.

Re-Use or Donate:

After demolishing the area you want to renovate, you must then consider what you should do with the demolished materials. You can re-use, donate, recycle, or throw away these materials. Remember though that lesser waste, the better. Look at the materials you have and think about how you can repurpose them. For instance, if you have bricks that originally came from your non-functional fireplace, you can re-use it in your yard. You can also donate unwanted items. For instance, you can look for salvage yards that will be happy to have them.

Promote Energy-Efficiency:

When renovating your home, you must keep in mind that the new area must promote energy-efficiency. This will help you save more money in the future and it will lower the toxins released into the environment. You can also consider using solar energy or install skylights to make use of the natural light and energy that comes from the sun.

When renovating your home, you must keep in mind that the new area must promote energy-efficiency.

Hire Professionals:

Remodelling projects are serious undertaking thus, you will need to look for professional builders- but not just any professionals. You must hire green-savvy professionals who are well acquainted with eco-friendly home constructions. These professionals know about the toxicity and sustainability of certain materials and products, and they are experienced with taking advantage of natural light and heat.

retirement village

Retirement living is no longer tied to a certain stigma of old-fashioned care options and tired senior living facilities.

The retirees now have their pick when it comes to where to live. This includes communities for the over-55 crowd, apartment-style buildings, villages, and resort-style homes. Many individuals decide to downsize when it comes to their living space and possessions. However, they do not want to have to minimize their lifestyles.


senior citizens

Many individuals decide to downsize when it comes to their living space and possessions.


Since there are a ton of options available, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right retirement village for your own or your loved one’s needs. The good news about it is that you are in good company when it comes to this matter.

According to the Property Council’s research, there are a large number of Aussie senior citizens who would like to downsize. In fact, this number has increased in recent years. The average age for new residents to these villages is now about 75 years old.

The 2016 Retirement Census from the council states that there is a 92 percent occupancy rate at retirement villages. This showcases the fact that retirement living has grown in popularity.

The chief executive of the Property Council, Ken Morrison, spoke about the trends. He states that it has become obvious from the research results that retirement villages extend both quality of life and independence for residents.

The Property Council’s retirement arm, known as the Retirement Living Council, has provided ten tips for deciding on a retirement village such as Meadowbrooke Estate.

Tips for Choosing a Retirement Village

1. What type of village will be suitable for your lifestyle? Do you prefer apartment living, or wide-open spaces? Would you rather stay in the city or live more in a rural area?

2. Visit several of the villages prior to making your choice. That way, you can compare and contrast what each of them has to offer.

3. Talk to the current residents of each village. They are sure to give you honest insight about how it is to live there.

4. Talk to the manager of the facility. This individual is the one who is responsible for upkeep of the village, as well as the maintenance.

5. Find out what is included in the service or maintenance fee. Each of the villages will have different rules about what is and what is not a part of this fee.

6. Learn as much as possible about the residents’ committee. This group is in place to give the residents a say in making decisions for the village.

7. Find out the policy about pets. Some residents will want to bring their pets to the village. Villages each have their own rules regarding what type and number of pets they will allow.

8. Learn about the activities and services of the village. The majority of them run activities and events often. This can include bocce ball tournaments, movies and much more. It is a good idea to tell them about your unique passions and hobbies.

9. Think about your future health needs. Some of the villages are able to facilitate support and care services. This may be regular general practitioner visits, or a partnership with local aged care facilities.


But just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be active.

10. It is crucial that you receive independent financial and legal advice. This is because the retirement village contract is different than that of a home purchase.

But just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be active. At Meadowbrooke Lifestyle Estate, residents can enjoy an activity centre, clubhouse, bowling green and nearby bowling club, fitness room, walkways, a village green with secluded gazebos, barbecues and a range of other amenities and activities. Meadowbrooke is your first choice when it comes to choosing the best lifestyle community, offering an unsurpassed choice of homes, affordable rates and a wide range of activities and events.


Whether your home is a luxury property or a modest family home, adequate and effective lighting is one of the most important elements of your home. Good lighting is so important that many design experts feel that the rooms in your home should be designed with the lighting in mind, instead of simply adding the lighting afterwards. These lighting tips can make your home a lot more appealing and easy to use, whether preparing a meal or reading a book on the sofa.

Mix of Lighting

Lighting at different levels of the room and fixtures that can be used on their own or together help to make a flexible and effective lighting design.


Good lighting can create a pleasant ambience.

The Perfect Pair

A look of symmetry and balance can easily be achieved by the use of matching table lamps, perhaps on both ends of a console or on two side tables.

Sculptural Sconces

If you don’t have much floor space, sconces or wall lighting are a simple yet effective touch, and they can also be used to highlight a picture or ornament, and just to add some interest to a room.

Adding a Centerpiece

An unusual or dramatic light fixture can add the finishing touch to your living room, whether you prefer contemporary pendant lighting or a traditional chandelier. The atmosphere can be adjusted with a dimmer switch, and the centrepiece can be a great focal point or can be used to brighten the room. However, you may need several overhead light sources if the room is large or not well lit.


Centrepiece lamp brightens space and adds art.

Brighten the Mantel

A couple of small lamps or sconces can highlight your living room fireplace and is a great way to draw attention to beautiful architectural features. And a floor lamp can help to make that armchair in the corner an inviting place to simply sit and read.

Highlight Your Art

Accent lights, wall washers, track lighting and small picture lights on bookcases can all be used to highlight your pictures, ornaments and works of art.

Floor Lamp With Reach

A floor lamp that curves over your space will light up your room from above if you don’t have a ceiling fixture.

Whether you are looking for a luxury property or something more affordable, it’s easy to see why home buyers are drawn to the more relaxing lifestyle offered by properties on the coast of southern Australia. These tips from the Association of Building Consultants can help you find the right home.

Weather Extremes


Details to observe in finding the right home.

Resistance to corrosion and potentially strong winds are important to anyone building on the coast, meaning using the right materials is a must. Local councils may have wind loading requirements, affecting the structure of your roof and the size and type of the windows.


Of course, you want the great coastal views as well as the right orientation if using solar panels. But make sure your windows aren’t too large, as that can mean your home becomes too hot during the summer months.


You can expect a higher resale value if you build a coastal luxury property offering a great location with views to match. However, you need to offset the higher cost of using more expensive and longer lasting building materials.


Deep and wide eaves can provide shade during those hot summer months. Installing the right type of windows can help to create cross-breezes to save money on your energy bills.

Avoid Corrosion

Fire- Place

Use the right materials for your coastal home.

Corrosion is all too common from the salt in the sea air, and stainless steel used inside and outside can help to minimize the effects of the salt. Regular hosting of external surfaces will be necessary if those surfaces aren’t regularly exposed to rain. You will also need to regularly spray any fly screens to get rid of any sand and other debris.

Decking the Halls

The constant moisture present can affect your wooden deck. Consider a deck made from recycled materials which will still look good but won’t need nearly as much maintenance.

Get Approved

There may be particular requirements for and clearing or building, and it pays to check with the local fire service or council before commencing any building work.

Though we may have come across commercial elevators it is quite possible that not many of us would have made us residential elevators. They are miniature versions of large-sized elevators which we regularly use in offices and commercial buildings. They help in moving from the ground floor to the first or second floor within a home. They are now being commonly used and it certainly is very useful for homes where there are elders and physically challenged persons. They also go a long way in adding a special and new look to the home and there have been many instances where the value of homes have gone up by quite a few thousand dollars because of these elevators specially designed and made for homes. However with so many options being available, choosing the right one often could be a difficult and challenging task. Here are a few important points to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right elevator for your homes. We are sure it will help you to make a correct decision based on facts instead of just blindly following opinions.

Space And Size

In today’s world, space is certainly is a big constraint for many urban homes. Therefore, you need to be sure about the space which you will be able to allocate for these elevators. You must do a reasonably accurate calculation and be sure that you will be able to set apart space for the elevators. You must not compromise or sacrifice on space required for a good quality of living while planning such elevators. If you do not have too much space available then you must look into the possibility of building a small and compact elevator for your home. There are quite a few such options available and therefore choosing one should not be a much problem. You must do this early in the day so that you can plan the right elevator. If you have a big space available then you have quite a few things going your way. You can choose the best elevators and there are quite a few of them available in the market today.

Which Style Do You Want

You must decide whether you would like to go in for a modern or traditional elevator for your home. You must also decide whether you want a romantic one or something that is more classical in its looks. Whatever decision you must make sure that the elevator complements the entire home instead of competing with it. If you are building a home with a theme in mind, the onus lies on you to be sure that the elevator is in line with it rather than staying out which could make it very odd, to say the least.


Maintenance And Upkeep

Building and installing a home elevator is fine, but you must be sure that they can be maintained properly at all points of time. This is very important because without proper maintenance it is bound to suffer damages over a period of time.

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